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Shoot for Shalom is a first-of-its kind Basketball tournament that harnesses the power and the passion of competition team sports for Jewish education. Be part of the very first professionally coached, Jewish basketball tournament and help raise vital funds to secure Jewish continuity.

The tournament will consist of four divisions of 3-player teams with each team playing at least 4 games leading up to the playoffs. Players can join either individually or as a team with a minimum commitment of $2,500 per team to solicit sponsorships from friends and acquaintances.

Tournament Day, March 4, 2018, will begin at 9:45AM with team and player registration and a shootout session, where players can warm up and perfect their basketball skills. The tournament will begin at 10:30 AM with a series of pool-play games. Energy drinks, delicious food and refreshments will be available all throughout the day at the open Sports Bar in the mezzanine. Following a minimum of 4 games, teams will line up for a three-point shootout. Each team will have 2 minutes to hit as many three-pointers as they can leading up to the final playoff tournament and the crowning of the tournament champion. The final playoff tournament will be followed by an on-site Gala Banquet at the Hoop Group facility.

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award banquet
All players are invited to participate in the Gala Banquet on Sunday afternoon after the tournament at the facility.

The Awards Banquet will pay tribute to the Tournament sponsors, highest achievers, and to all those who have dedicated their playing skills to assist in the vital work of Shalom.
Awards Banquet
Basketball Tournament
Scheduled for Sunday, March 4, 2018, the tournament will be held at the HoopGroup Headquarters in Neptune, New Jersey. The area's premier basketball facility, HoopGroup features four regulation-size basketball courts, with all professional amenities, including NBA-style scoreboards, shot clocks, and a large mezzanine viewing gallery.
About Shalom
about shalom

For more than 40 years, Shalom Torah Academy has been at the forefront of securing Klal Yisroel's future through outreach and education.

With the recognition that young children are the future of Klal Yisroel, Shalom provides a comprehensive dual-curriculum education beginning with children as young as age 2.

In communities all across across New Jersey, the United States and internationally, Shalom graduates and their parents maintain an ongoing, lifelong bond with Shalom, its faculty and affiliate network, crediting Shalom with providing the foundation for their professional and personal success.

In addition to high level academics in both its Limudei Kodesh and secular curriculums, Shalom imbues its students with a love and passion for Torah, conveying the joy and splendor of the Torah oriented lifestyle and its approach to character development, as well as the history and significance of Jewish holidays. Yamim Tovim and life events are celebrated with the entire school and the larger Jewish community. Shabbatons, additional learning opportunities, and recreational activities are all part of the Shalom experience.

The unique opportunities offered by Shalom attracts students from within a 50 mile radius. However, the competition with free, secular public schools results in small class sizes and a significant budgetary shortfall. The school relies heavily on the generosity and leadership of larger and more established Jewish communities to sustain its array of vital programs.